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13 Temmuz 2016

Hematologlar için Klinik Araştırmalar Kursu.. SocialDoctors İçerisinde Paylaş

Avrupa Hematoloji Derneği'nden (EHA) gelen eğitim duyurusu: 

Dear colleague,

We are delighted to announce an opportunity for your associates to achieve excellence in clinical research with a new program: EHA Clinical Research Training in Hematology (CRTH).

CRTH is a unique training and mentoring experience focused on clinical research in Europe with a global scope.

This program is geared towards early career hematologists, working at an academic center or large community hospital conducting clinical trials. Any hematologist with an interest in clinical science, who has been actively involved in clinical trial protocols, is welcome to apply for CRTH.

The program consists of two multiple-day workshops at different locations in Europe and the final meeting with certification, will be held at the 22nd Congress of EHA in Madrid, Spain.

In order to make this new program a success we would like to ask your assistance:

-       Share this message within your department and network

-       Identify potential candidates for CRTH and encourage them to apply for the inaugural program by August 1, 2016

For more information about this exciting program and application click here.

The CRTH flyer is available here.

Andreas Engert


CRTH Program Director


Pieter Sonneveld

CRTH Program Director

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